Giave has developed the Project  “Ecodesign in the process of flexographic printing”  during the period 2019-2021.  This Project has been subsidized within the call to promote the Circulating Economy 2019 (TES/1711/2019) with the support of the Agencia Catalana de Residus.

This Project is focused on the flexographic printing by means of UV LED inks, whom avoid the COV (volatile organic compounds) regarding the present technologies and they are 100% respectful with the environement.

At the same time, they don’t use any type of solvent and it is posible to remove the solvent recuperation system (this system is needed when printing with wáter-based inks).  What is more, fire and explosion risks are also removed and consequently, it becomes a much more sure system for the operator.

UV LED printing does not require any lamination process and in that way, multilayer materials become monolayers and this means that these materials can be recycled afterwards.