Special projects

At Giave, we adapt our equipment for the printing and the converting to respond, not only to the demands of the sector, but also to the specific needs of your business, maximizing its performance and competitiveness based on the needs of the customer or based on what our specialists can detect. Though, from our equipment and components, or as completely personalized special projects, we manufacture our machinery to respond to the reality of your company.

Throughout our more than 30 years of experience, many companies have already benefited of our service of adaptability to adjust Giave technology to its own production process with a final result that is always translated into better performance and competitiveness.

For more information about our special projects, please contact us.


It is composed of a completely automatic unwinding module of the reel, an in-line system of longitudinal cut and a completely automatic rewinding module.  It allows the entry of reels to 1.250 mm. width and the exit to two or three reels of different widths in order to feed narrow web rotogravure printing presses.


Rotogravure printing press model MULTICOLOR SV,  with two die-cutting modules synchronized in-line, one perforation module and longitudinal cut system.  The exit of the material can be to a reel by means of a rewinding module or to sheet, by means of a cutting system for the exit to reels and automatic piled.


Flexographic printing press model MIZARFLEX synchronized in line with a rotogravure unit for the application of laques and varnishes duly registered.  This line incorporates completely automatic unwinding systems, in-line longitudinal cut by means of circular blades before the rewinding and rewinding system with change of the reel.