Technical features

1000 1300
Working width 1.050 mm 1.350 mm
Original diameter of the reels 1.200 mm
Finished diameter of the reels 600 mm
Maximum speed 600 m/min
Minimum cutting width 40 mm*
Cutting system Circular and razor blades
Optional equipment:
  • Automatic positioning of the blades
  • Automatic unloading system and automatic core positioning
  • Unwinder up to 1.500 mm. of diameter
  • Anti static bars system

* Special cuts on demand

Double turret slitter-rewinder suitable for plastic films, laminates and papers, for working at a speed up to 600 m/min. Its double turret rewinding system and the automatic unloading reduce drastically the reel change cycle, achieving an important production increase.

Technical main features:

  • Available widths: 1.050 and 1.350 mm.
  • Maximum production speed: 600 m/min.
  • Shaftless unwinder for diameters up to 1.200 mm.
  • Diameter of finished reels: 600 mm.
  • Precise and uniform tension control during the whole rewinding process.
  • Minimum time of cycle in reel charge.
  • Industrial PC with an easy handling touch screen and job memorization.
  • Cutting unit equipped with circular and razor blades.
  • Double turret rewinder equipped with differential friction shafts.
  • Complete cycle of automatic change of the reel in rewinding shafts: 35  seconds

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