RG 160

Technical features


800 1000 1300
Working width 850 mm 1.050 mm 1.350 mm
Original diameter of the reels 1.000 mm
Maximum speed 600 m/min
Minimum cutting width 40 mm*
Cutting system Circular blades and razor blades
Optional equipment
  • Core positioning laser system
  • Pneumatic system of reels extraction
  • Reels unloader
  • Anti static bars system

* Special cuts on demand

Sliter-Rewinder specially designed for slitting and rewinding fragile materials used in flexible packaging.

Unwinder type shaftless or with expansible shaft incorporating an hydraulic loader in order to make easier the placement of original reels.

Slitting system with self-locking circular blades and razorblades that are easily accessible for blade adjustment.

Two non-removable rewinding shafts with motorization by means of independent asynchronous servomotors by shaft and feedback by load cell, obtaining a very precise control of the web. Cores fixation by friction clutches.

Individual pneumatically-operated reel pressure rollers.

Rocker shaft unloader unit for finished reels, mounted on a solid bedplate and equipped with pneumatic approach and rotational movement.

Centralised process management and parameter memorization for each job using a built-in touch screen.

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