Technical features

800 1000
Working width 850 mm 1.050 mm
Original diameter of the reels 1.200 mm
Diameter of the finished reels 280 mm
Minimum cutting width 40 mm*
Maximum speed 200 m/min
Cutting system Auto blocking circular blades
Optional equipment:
  • Web guide system
  • Anti static bars system



Specially suitable for the cut and the rewinding of small paper reels of grammages between 20 and 80 grammes/m2.

It incorporates an splicing system and automatic cut at working speed, achieving a high production capacity.

Unwinder preparerd for reels up to 1.200 mm. of diameter, with automatic tension control during the whole process.

It includes an hydraulic loader of reels by means of support arms operated by an hydraulic central attached to the bedplate.

Cut system by auto blocking circular blades mounted on easy-dismantling shafts. The set includes lateral movement for cut adjustment.

Splicing and cutting unit mounted on arms of pneumatic operating, allowing the reel changes at speed production.

Revolving turret with double rewinder shaft mounted on cantilever and without the need of dismounting the shaft for the reels extraction and the positioning of the new core.

Control panel with pre-selection of lineal meters per reel, starting the splicing and cut cycle automatically, according to the selected length.

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